American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church
Metropolitan of North America
136 Harvest DR. + St. Charles, MO 63304
September 6, 2017
To all Bretheren and Sisters in Christ:
Peace be unto you.
The Holy See of Roswell has been abruptly abandoned without notice by it's Bishop Dionysis (David C. Holdridge). The Bishop did not leave any contact information, and departed without permission nor was permission sought from the Holy Synod.
Therefore, The Holy Synod of Bishops was left with no other alternative than to depose David C Holdridge from the office of Bishop. David C Holdridge may not serve as Bishop or Priest, nor be of any service of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church by order of the canons of the Holy Church. David C Holdridge should not be allowed to serve in any other Church according to these same canons.
+Nestor +Vladimir II
Metropolitan NestorChancellor Vladimir II