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Monastery of St John - Roswell NM


Metropolitan +Nestor (Whitworth) was born in St. Louis, MO in 1964 and grew up in St. Charles, MO. He was baptized into the Orthodox Faith in 1992 in Auburn, NE by Bp. +Seraphim (Hill). In 1996 he moved to Denver, CO and met Metropolitan. +Symeon (Holdridge), of The Russian Orthodox Church In America,who trained him to be a reader and in 2009 ordained him to the office of Presbyter. In 2012 Fr. Nestor+ came under the Omophor of Metropolitan +Vladimir (Sehorn), of The American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church, a long time friend and companion in the fields of the Lord to Metropolitan +Symeon. In 2015 Fr. Nestor+ was elected to the office of Bishop and was consecrated by Metropolitan +Vladimir to that office with Metropolitan +Symeon as one of the Co-Consecrators on the Feast of Theophany, 2016. Upon the repose of his beatitude +Symeon, Bp. +Nestor was elevated to the office of Metropolitan as head of the newly united jurisdictions of The Russian Orthodox Church in America & The American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Metropolitan Nestor serves on the Board of Governors

Metropolitan +Vladimir II was Born 12, 29, 1946 to Robert W and Agnes H Sehorn, in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. A 1965 graduate of Harrisburg High School, and 1966 graduate of Charlotte Business College. I was raised Southern Baptist, but my hunger for more accurate ways of worship began when the "pastor" and the chairman of the Board of Deacons came to fists in the "pulpit". I was married and attended the Garr Memorial Church, where I received the call to the ministry. My wife did not want to be a pastor's wife. This eventually led to our separation because when God calls, one must answer. Entered my journey to Orthodoxy and finally came to THEOCACNA. Then American Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church. Now in my 33rd year of my episcopacy, now serve ROCIA as Chancellor to Metropolitan Nestor, Metropolitan of North America.
Igumen +Anthony
Deacon +John

Deacon John serves on the Board of Governors

Sub Deacon +Dorathea


Chairman of the Board
Assistant Bookeeper